Fugitt Rubber & Supply


welding service Fabricating stainless steel flexible metal hoses, expansion joints and other metal components is another service offered by Fugitt Rubber & Supply. Our welders are certified, skilled and experienced.

Metal hose and braid is stocked in sizes from ¼” thru 12” ID. A variety of end fittings and flanges are available to customize any assembly.

Each hose is inspected and tested to insure quality and performance. Fugitt Rubber is the reliable source you can count on.


hydraulic repair and service Fugitt Rubber & Supply is capable of providing a wide array of hydraulic hose, fittings, adapters and complete hydraulic hose assemblies in standard or metric threads.

Our technicians are factory trained and certified to assemble 1-2-4 and even 6 wire hydraulic hoses to your required length and fitting combination. Assembled units can be hydrostatically tested and certified to 20,000 PSI .


water jet cutting Waterjet cutting is beginning to be recognized as one of the most versatile cutting processes in today’s world. Waterjet cutting provides unique capabilities and advantages over laser, EDM, plasma and other cutting processes.

With no heat effected zones or mechanical stresses on material it is a versatile, productive cutting process. Fugitt Rubber and Supplies has the ability to cut tile, glass, stainless steel and virtually any other material with this unique technology.


custom gasket cutting Fugitt Rubber & Supply gasket cutting department is second to none with our Flashcut material cutting machine. We have the capability to cut materials up to 6mm thick with CNC precision.

Virtually no waste, as we provide single line cutting along with computer nesting to gain the most efficient cut regardless if you need 2 or 2,000 pieces.